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Elmer's Glue is designed for your life. Whether you're a crafter or a teacher, Elmer's offers projects, tips and other resources to get your job done.
Elmer - Wikipedia
Elmer is a name of Germanic British origin. The given name originated as a surname, a medieval variant of the given name Aylmer, derived from Old English æþel (noble) and mær (famous). It was adopted as a given name in the United States, "in honor of the popularity of the brothers Ebenezer and Jonathan Elmer, leading supporters of the American Revolution."
CSC - Elmer
Elmer. Elmer is an open source multiphysical simulation software mainly developed by CSC - IT Center for Science (CSC). Elmer development was started 1995 in collaboration with Finnish Universities, research institutes and industry.
Elmer by David McKee - Goodreads
Elmer the very young elephant is just that little bit different. He lives with a herd of elephants. They might be young or old, tall or short, fat or thin. In fact there are many variations in how they look.
Elmer the Patchwork Elephant - Wikipedia
The books. Elmer was first published by Andersen Press in 1989. The books are published in the United Kingdom by Andersen Press and were published in the United States by Harper Collins originally, Andersen press USA now publishes in America. Thirty-nine book titles have been created since 1989, and the series has sold over eight million copies in fifty languages around the world.
ELMER - What does ELMER stand for? The Free Dictionary
FROM HIS SEAT on a box in the rough board shed that stuck like a burr on the rear of Cowley & Son's store in Winesburg, Elmer Cowley, the junior member of the firm, could see through a dirty window into the printshop of the Winesburg Eagle.
Elmer the Elephant
Wheels On The Bus | Nursery Rhymes for Babies | Little Baby Bum | Videos for Kids - Duration: 54:13. Little Baby Bum - Nursery Rhymes & Kids Songs 2,163,712,558 views
First National Bank of Elmer | The Bank of Friendly Service
In a time of corporate mergers, it is unique that a bank founded over one hundred years ago is still known by the same name and is still primarily owned by people who live in the area.
Anytime Tales - Elmer
Elmer the patchwork elephant seems to feel very different from the other elephants in his herd, so he decides to fit in, but little does he know, being different makes him special.
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A Northwest favorite since 1960. Our 26 locally owned Elmer's Restaurants take pride in their communities and source local, farm-fresh ingredients.