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Pull your torso up until the bar touches your upper chest by drawing the shoulders and the upper arms down and back. Exhale as you perform this portion of the movement. Tip: Concentrate on squeezing the back muscles once you reach the full contracted position. The upper torso should remain stationary as it moves through space and only the arms ...
Pull-up (exercise) - Wikipedia
A pull-up is an upper-body compound pulling exercise. Although it can be performed with any grip, in recent years some have used the term to refer more specifically to a pull-up performed with a palms-forward position.
Pull up - Idioms by The Free Dictionary
pull (one) up on (something) To hold one responsible or accountable for something they did or said. The boss pulled Larry up for his erratic behavior and sloppy attire. The reporter repeatedly pulled the senator up for his comments about mental health issues. See also: on, pull, up pull up 1. To lift someone or something up; to place or position someone ...
Pull up - definition of pull up by The Free Dictionary
Define pull up. pull up synonyms, pull up pronunciation, pull up translation, English dictionary definition of pull up. v. pulled , pull·ing , pulls v. tr. 1. To apply force to so as to cause or tend to cause motion toward the source of the force: pulled her chair up to the...
Lil Mosey - Pull Up (Official Music Video)
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Pull-up | Definition of Pull-up by Merriam-Webster
Pull-up definition is - an exercise in which one hangs by the hands from a support (such as a horizontal bar) and pulls oneself up until the chin is level with the support; specifically : such an exercise done with the palms facing outward. How to use pull-up in a sentence.
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Pull-up Resistor and Pull-down Resistor ExplainedBasic ...
The size of the pull-up resistor depends on the connected load and the voltage drop across the resistor when the transistor is OFF. When the output is LOW, the transistor must be able to sink the load current through the pull-up resistor.
Exercise Of The Week: Pull-ups -
A pull-up is a compound, pull-type exercise which works a large number of muscles in your back, shoulders, and arms at the same time. The following table lists information about pull-ups and the muscles that you use when performing pull-ups.