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Debut | Definition of Debut by Merriam-Webster
Noun. my debut as a pianist He made his singing debut at a very young age. She is making her television debut.. Verb. The singer debuted 10 years ago, at the age of 15. The car debuted 30 years ago. The computer will soon be debuting in stores across the country. The network debuts a new sitcom tonight.
Debuts - definition of debuts by The Free Dictionary
2. Informal A first publication, as of a novel or music album, by an individual or group: The band released three singles from their debut.
Debuts Theater Company
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Debut | Define Debut at
n. 1751, from French début "first appearance," a figurative use from débuter "make the first stroke at billiards," also "to lead off at bowls" (a game akin to bowling), 16c., from but "mark, goal," from Old French but "end" (see butt (n.3)). The verb is first attested 1830. Début can only be pronounced as French, and should not be used by anyone who shrinks from the necessary effort.
debut - Wiktionary
Verb []. debut (third-person singular simple present debuts, present participle debuting, simple past and past participle debuted) (transitive, chiefly US) to formally introduce, as to the public Amalgamated Software Systems debuted release 3.2 in Spring of 2004. (intransitive) to make one's initial formal appearance Release 3.2 debuted to mixed reviews in Spring of 2004.
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MLB Debuts - January 2019: There are no debuts for January 2019.