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An imaginative depiction of Pope Gregory VII excommunicating Emperor Henry IV. Details of the excommunication penalty at the foundling wheel in Venice, Italy
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Excommunication definition is - an ecclesiastical censure depriving a person of the rights of church membership. an ecclesiastical censure depriving a person of the ...
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Define excommunicating. excommunicating synonyms, excommunicating pronunciation, excommunicating translation, ...
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Excommunication definition, the act of excommunicating. See more.
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Excommunication is the process where the Christian church publically proclaims that an individual is not a Christian and is kicked out of the church since the person is remaining in a state of non-repentance.
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excommunicated; excommunicating; excommunicates. transitive verb: ... What made you want to look up excommunicate? Please tell us where you read or heard it ...
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Excommunication is the Church’s most severe penalty imposed for particularly grave sins. Through baptism, a person is incorporated into the body of the Church through which there is a “communication” of spiritual goods.
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Excommunicate definition, to cut off from communion with a church or exclude from the sacraments of a church by ecclesiastical sentence. See more.
Sources. Canonists usually treat of excommunication in their commentaries on the Corpus Juris Canonici, at the title De sententia excommunicationis (lib. V, tit. xxxix). Moralists deal with it apropos of the treatise on censures (De Cen
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This is a list of some of the more notable people excommunicated by the Catholic Church. ... who famously retaliated by "excommunicating" the Pope.