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Explanation definition, the act or process of explaining. See more.
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The professor's explanation was that the poem is really a parody.. an explanation of photosynthesis that most museum visitors will be able to understand
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An explanation is a set of statements usually constructed to describe a set of facts which clarifies the causes, context, and consequences of those facts. This description of the facts ecetera may establish rules or laws, and may clarify the existing rules and/or laws in relation to any objects, or phenomena examined.
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An explanation is a statement about how or why something is the way it is. If you're failing math, you'd better come up with a good explanation to give to your parents.
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An explanation that makes a discussed situation less plain by complicating what's apparent. Also describes the process of looking a gift horse in the mouth and naming each tooth, after you bring it home of course.
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ex·pla·na·tion (ĕk′splə-nā′shən) n. 1. The act or process of explaining: launched into a detailed explanation. 2. Something that explains: That was supposedly the ...
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the act of explaining; something that explains; the interpretation, meaning, or sense given in explaining
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Definition of explanation - a statement or account that makes something clear