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Feeling | Definition of Feeling by Merriam-Webster
7 a: the quality of a work of art that conveys the emotion of the artist . the feeling of the outdoors has been realized with sky-blue ceiling and natural colors
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Feeling definition, the function or the power of perceiving by touch. See more.
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5 sorrow or the capacity to feel sorrow for another's suffering or misfortune . a rich person without much feeling for those who are less fortunate
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Synonyms for feeling at with free online thesaurus, antonyms, and definitions. Find descriptive alternatives for feeling.
Feeling - Wikipedia
Feeling is the nominalization of the verb to feel. The word was first used in the English language to describe the physical sensation of touch through either experience or perception.
Feeling - definition of feeling by The Free Dictionary
feel·ing (fē′lĭng) n. 1. a. The sense of touch: lost feeling in a toe. b. A sensation experienced through this sense: enjoyed the feeling of rain on my face. c. A ...
feeling - Wiktionary
Noun []. feeling (plural feelings). Sensation, particularly through the skin. The wool on my arm produced a strange feeling.; Emotion; impression. The house gave me a feeling of dread.
List of Feeling Words
free and easy . cheerful . bright
Feeling | definition of feeling by Medical dictionary
Patient discussion about feeling. Q. What drug do you feel is the largest threat to our nation? There are lots and lots of drugs easily available to man kind.
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