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Grounded | Definition of Grounded by Merriam-Webster
Recent Examples on the Web. As a story, Ball Lightning is a bit more of a grounded read than The Three-Body Problem. — Andrew Liptak, The Verge, "From the author of The Three-Body Problem," 15 Sep. 2018 But there's debate on whether such moves as striking a grounded opponent's head should be allowed, especially for inexperienced fighters.
Grounded - definition of grounded by The Free Dictionary
4. often grounds The land surrounding or forming part of a house or another building: a guesthouse on the grounds of the mansion.
Grounded Synonyms, Grounded Antonyms |
Swinging the nose of the canoe ashore, Frank grounded the craft and got out. I thought I was long ago sufficiently 'grounded and stablished' in this Doctrine.
GROUNDED | meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary
grounded definition: 1. Someone who is grounded makes good decisions and does not say or do stupid things: 2. used to describe an aircraft that is prevented from flying for some reason, or a ship that cannot move because it has hit solid ground 3. A child or young person who is grounded is not…. Learn more. - Official Grounding | Earthing Information ...
“Since I have been sleeping grounded for a month now I no longer have night sweats and my heel pain is gone. I have so much more energy and never feel fatigue, it is an amazing feeling.
Grounded | definition of grounded by Medical dictionary
published last January, Maurer notes that locally, the magnitude of a power line's current going into the ground tends to depend on how well grounded the customers are that draw lots of electricity, and on how much resistance their soil offers any current traveling through it.
Grounded (the documentary)
A Journey into the healing potential of grounding and connecting to the Earth. Testimonials from people that claim the earthing speeds healing and enhances vitality.
Grounded -
The movie tells the true tale of an Alaskan wildlife filmmaker s persistent curiosity and quest to test the claims of what appears to be an outrageously simple and too good to be true healing concept physical, bare skin contact with the Earth which may have been known by civilizations throughout history.
Grounding - Wikipedia
Look up ground, grounding, or grounded in Wiktionary, the free dictionary.: Grounding or grounded may refer to: . Ground (electricity), a common return path for electric current Grounding (punishment), restrictions placed on movement or privileges Grounding (metaphysics), a topic of wide philosophical interest. Grounding in communication, the collection of mutual knowledge, beliefs, and ...
Grounding (discipline technique) - Wikipedia
Grounding is a common discipline technique used with children and teenagers, in which the child or teen is not allowed to leave their place of residence or bedroom except for required activities such as school or work.Children and teenagers are generally not allowed to leave the house for leisure during this time.. Other possible consequences can also include removing positive reinforcements ...