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Hurrying definition, to move, proceed, or act with haste (often followed by up): Hurry, or we'll be late. Hurry up, it's starting to rain. See more.
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movement, move, motion - the act of changing location from one place to another; "police controlled the motion of the crowd"; "the movement of people from the farms to the cities"; "his move put him directly in my path"
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A hurrier, also sometimes called a coal drawer or coal thruster, was a child or woman employed by a collier to transport the coal that they had mined.Women would normally get the children to help them because of the difficulty of carrying the coal. Common particularly in the early 19th century, the hurrier pulled a corf (basket or small wagon) full of coal along roadways as small as 16 inches ...
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So much as they could see of the road Londonward between the houses to the right was a tumultuous stream of dirty, hurrying people, pent in between the villas on either side; the black heads, the crowded forms, grew into distinct- ness as they rushed towards the corner, hurried past, and merged their individuality again in a receding multitude that was swallowed up at last in a cloud of dust.
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Newman had not been idle, for there was a little cart at the door, and the effects were hurrying out already.
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She was hurrying away and looked frightened to death. "We have to keep going," she said, hurrying forward. She changed quickly into dry clothing before hurrying down the back stairwell. He liked giving a painful lash on the neck to some peasant who, more dead than alive, was already hurrying out of ...
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Definition of hurrying in the Dictionary. Meaning of hurrying. What does hurrying mean? Proper usage and pronunciation (in phonetic transcription) of the word hurrying. Information about hurrying in the dictionary, synonyms and antonyms.
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Choose the Right Synonym for hurry. Noun. haste, hurry, speed, expedition, dispatch mean quickness in movement or action. haste applies to personal action and implies urgency and precipitancy and often rashness. marry in haste hurry often has a strong suggestion of agitated bustle or confusion. in the hurry of departure she forgot her toothbrush speed suggests swift efficiency in movement or ...
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