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Bible verse, common saying, or Metallica lyric--do YOU know the difference?
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: different from the ordinary, usual, or expected in usually an appealing way : eccentric, unconventional an offbeat romantic comedy … you have to drive through a shallow stream to reach this wonderfully offbeat inn, hiding behind immaculate rows of fruit trees.
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off·beat (ôf′bēt′, ŏf′-) n. Music An unaccented beat in a measure. adj. (ôf′bēt′, ŏf′-) Slang Not conforming to an ordinary type or pattern; unconventional: offbeat humor. offbeat (ˈɒfˌbiːt) n (Classical Music) music any of the normally unaccented beats in a bar, such as the second and fourth beats in a bar of four-four time. They ...
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The hour—I am sorry I cannot recall the hour of arrival—but it was, as we say, an offbeat hour.
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A woman who received her mother's last words to her in the form of a secret message on her wedding shoes says that she started to cry after finding it.
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Offbeat, originally a music term meaning "not following the standard beat", which has also become a general synonym for "unconventional" or "unusual", may refer to: